Owned and managed by Benjamin Weiss.

Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Educational Lancaster

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Susquehanna Sustainable Enterprises
has three main projects . . . 
+ Ditchweed Craft Hemp
+ Susquehanna Apothecary
+ Rebel Garden Tools
+ Urban Edge Farm

We offer educational programming
on topics including . . . 
+ ecological design   + permaculture + herbalism +foraging
+ urban agriculture   
+ sustainable farming 

Susquehanna River

meet herbalist & farmer
>> benjamin weiss


Benjamin Weiss, owner of Susquehanna Sustainable Enterprises LLC, is a certified permaculture designer and teacher, a father, activist, herbalist, forager, gardener, brewer, musician, and writer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

He studied natural building, ecovillage design, and permaculture at The Farm Ecovillage Training Center, received a permaculture teacher certification from CRMPI, completed a beekeeping apprenticeship at The Horn Farm Center, recieved a certificate in forest garden design with Dave Jacke, and has studied herbalism with Sarah Preston of Radiance, and shamanic dreaming techniques with Adhi Moonien Two-Owls.

Benjamin has facilitated permaculture design courses and many other classes and workshops, has designed and managed five farms, forages professionally, and continues to develop the a system for regenerating wild ecosystems with his friend and colleague Wilson Alvarez.

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