Rewilding Notes 4/26-28/16 & a Visit to the Farm in Summertown TN


by Benjamin Weiss

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This month I'm visiting my aunt and uncle who live at The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee. The Farm is an ecovillage founded in 1971, famous once, for being the largest hippie commune on Earth, and its midwifery clinic, now The Farm is a quiet little community in the middle of nowhere. I love it here. I studied off and on for two years in my early twenties at the Ecovillage Training Center, a permaculture education site here at The Farm. During my stay this month, I'm doing a long fasting regimen. I've was on a low-fat, salt and dairy-free diet for almost two weeks. For the past three days I've only had fresh juice and tea, and tomorrow I begin a water fast. I've been following the recommendations of Stephen Harrod Buhner in his book The Fasting Path. I've also been helping to rehabilitate the synergistic garden at the Ecovillage Training Center, which has been a bit neglected over the past few years.




Ruth K