Consultation + Design

Consultation & design

Susquehanna Sustainable Enterprises offers consultations for sustainable and regenerative projects. Our consultations consist of deeply detailed observations and follow-up recommendations.

The process we follow for this kind of work is as follows:

  • We start with a consultation. This is a quick review of the site, projects, goals, hopes etc…

  • If we agree that we’d like to work together on a project, design work is next. This is essentially project planning.

  • If you want help implementing the design on your property, we can be hired for this and can contract some colleagues to help as well.

We specialize in consultations and design in the following areas:

  • Sustainable/regenerative land management including:

    • Edible landscaping

    • Japanese gardening

    • Erosion control

    • Rewilding/reforestation

    • Stream bank restoration/riparian buffers

    • Landscape resource audits

    • Species identification

    • Bio-blitz organizing

    • Stormwater management

    • Trail maintenance and design

  • Sustainable agriculture including:

    • Intensive organic ag

    • CSAs

    • Urban farming

    • Backyard farming

    • Native perennial crops

    • Mushroom culture

    • Agroforestry

  • Herbal medicine including:

    • Herb gardening/farming

    • Species identification

    • Wild-crafting

    • Medicine-making

  • Organizational structures including:

    • Green business planning

    • Web design and marketing for green businesses

    • Workshop/conference planning

    • Curriculum building for permaculture/primitive skills/sustainable living skills

    • Grass-roots tactics and strategy

    • Social justice and environmental activism

    • Anti-racism

    • Non-profit organizational structures


  • Initial consultation: $100/hour (normally takes 1-2 hours)

  • Design work: $40/hour + travel expenses

  • Implementation work: $25/hour + travel expenses.

These fees are negotiable.

Get in Touch:

For questions about consultations and design, including rates and availability, contact Benjamin Weiss