Ditchweed Craft Hemp


Ditchweed Craft Hemp is a project of Susquehanna Sustainable Enterprises, a green business founded by farmer and herbalist Benjamin Weiss. The goal of our company is to create ethical income streams to support the regeneration of the lands and waters here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our area was once a major center of hemp farming, and the plant could be found growing as a weed for two generations after its prohibition. This feral hemp was called ditch weed and we’ve chosen to honor it’s perseverance by naming our brand after it.

Our hemp is grown on certified organic farms right here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, one of the great agricultural hubs of North America! Cultivated, harvested, and cured with the finest attention to detail, our hemp retains it’s chemical makeup, flavors, and character from the farm to your hands. All of our products are made with natural, clean, and organic ingredients. We offer several health-focused items from our sister company Susquehanna Apothecary, as well as our own line of smokeable delights. Enjoy!