Cat's Claw Capsules

Cat's Claw Capsules

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Capsules of wild Cat's Claw bark (Uncaria tomentosa). Each capsule is approximately 450mg, 00 size. Gelatin and veggie capsules are both available.

All of our herbal products are made from responsibly grown or ethically wildcrafted herbs. We use organic alcohols as often as possible. All of our products are made with reverence and love for the Earth and all of her inhabitants, and in a state of mind conducive to healing.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment. This dietary supplement has not been approved by the FDA.

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Cat's claw is part of the core of Stephen Buhner's herbal Lyme disease protocol. Cat's Claw is anti-spirochetal and anti-inflammatory. Buhner recommends that it be taken encapsulated as a whole herb for the core protocol, but it may also be taken s a tincture, and the tincture is helpful for many of the main symptoms of Lyme.

At the maximum recommended dosage for the Buhner Protocol (16 capsules per day) this product will last roughly 1 month.

To learn more about the Buhner protocol for Lyme Disease, visit: or get a hold of his book "Healing Lyme." 

Cat's Claw capsule (500mg) 
150 lb adult: 1-4 tablets 3-4x daily 
100 lb adult: 10 tablets total daily split into three doses 
60 lb child: 5 tablets daily split into three doses, tincture is probably better here 
30 lb child: 3 tablets daily split into three doses, but would prefer tincture for child this small 

Cat's Claw tincture 
150 lb adult: 1 teaspoon 3x daily 
100 lb adult: 2/3 teaspoon 3x daily 
60 lb child: 1/3 teaspoon 3x daily 
30 lb child: 1/5 teaspoon 3x daily

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