Dong Quai Tincture

Dong Quai Tincture

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A bottle of tincture made from Dong Quai roots (Angelica sinensis). The alcohol used is certified organic cane alcohol. The plant matter was double extracted, utilizing hot water as well as alcohol during two different processes. The tincture also contains a tiny pinch of pure sea salt.

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All of our herbal products are made from responsibly grown or ethically wildcrafted herbs. We use organic alcohols as often as possible. All of our products are made with reverence and love for the Earth and all of her inhabitants, and in a state of mind conducive to healing. Each batch of tincture that we craft has a unique weight to volume ratio which will be indicated on the label. 

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment. This dietary supplement has not been approved by the FDA.

From Stephen Buhner's book "Natural Treatments for Lyme Coinfections": Dong Quai is "...primarily know as a tonic herb for the female reproductive system." ...."The herb has reliable analgesic actions, helping with general aches and pains but also arthritic, abdominal, and postoperative pain. It has been successfully used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis and cirhosis of the liver." 
Preparation and Dosage Note: "The herb is useful for pain, especially when combined with Salvia miltiorrhiza; take 1 tablespoon more every 15 minutes for pain, reducing the dosage and frequency as the pain lessens." 

"The herb is contraindicated in pregnancy, especially the first trimester, as it can stimulate menstruation. The herb does soften the bowel contents."

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