Rebel Garden Tools

These tools were designed by farmer, forager, and citizen-scientist, Wilson Alvarez. The tools were created utilizing permaculture design principles and processes. Each tool's form and function is highly ergonomic, and is inspired by Wilson's many years of deeply observing and researching the way that large wild animals shape their landscape through highly specialized disturbances that give rise to long-term stability within the ecosystem. The tools are manufactured locally in Lancaster, Pennsylvania using the highest quality materials, and have been tried and tested by numerous colleagues and friends, with overwhelmingly positive feedback.


the designer & maker


Wilson Alvarez is a certified permaculture designer, an inventor, gardener, skilled tracker, bowyer, nature-awareness instructor, father, husband, and poet from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He has studied and taught classes and workshops on bio-intensive agriculture, regenerative technology, foraging, hunting, trapping, and tracking, agroforestry, and wilderness survival. Wilson is the inventor and designer of Rebel Garden Tools Wilson. He has a Kamana II certification through Jon Young's Wilderness Awareness School, received his PDC online via Permaculture Visions, and studied applied archaeology at Prescott College with Steve Watts.