Pollinator Garden Installation

Pollinator Garden Installation


We’re partnering with Operation Think Green, a Lancaster-based lawn care company that hires veterans and helps them reintegrate into civilian life, to offer pollinator garden installations this spring! The gardens will serve as a vital habitat for butterflies, honey bees, hummingbirds, and many other species of rare and threatened animals. We’re using a seed blend that contains many beautiful wildflowers, as well as native medicinal herbs including Echinacea, St. John’s Wort, New Jersey Tea, Mountain Mint, and Blue Vervain.

The pollinator garden will be bounded by a wooden box roughly 6 inches high and filled with topsoil. Operation Think Green will install the box and the soil, and broadcast the seed blend in an area of your choosing on a lawn or lightly vegetated surface in your yard. Choose the dimensions of your pollinator garden up to 5’x10’ to accommodate yards of all sizes! The installation area should receive partial to full sunlight for optimal growth of the seed blend.

Although all of the plants in the blend are perennials or self-seeding annuals, next year, a re-seeding service will be offered for $75 in the instance that your garden did not grow in as thickly as desired.

Your property must be located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to receive this service. Upon purchasing this item, you will be contacted shortly by a representative from Operation Think Green to schedule the installation of your pollinator garden.

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