urban edge farm


Urban Edge Farm is located within the city limits of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in a forgotten neighborhood called Sunnyside. The farm has been granted Lancaster City’s first ever “Community Gardening” zoning variance.

The farm is located on a single parcel of land leased to Susquehanna Sustainable Enterprises by a friend, and is in the floodplain of the Conestoga River. We are currently pursuing lease agreements for several adjacent parcels along the river,
most of which are covered in highly neglected woodland.

The focus of the farm is on agroforestry techniques, such as forest gardening with native riparian tree crops, edible and medicinal mushroom cultivation, biochar and compost production, beekeeping, experimentation with regenerative forestry techniques, as well as production of medicinal herbs for use by
Susquehanna Apothecary.

Though we do offer classes and workshops at this site, 
it is not open to the public for regular business hours.

How You Can Help

This year Urban Edge Farm needs funding for a deer fence, native trees and shrubs for the woodland area, materials to refurbish our worm composting hutch, teaching supplies, beekeeping equipment, a picnic table, irrigation equipment, and more! Two years ago the farm was launched by a generous $10,000 gift. Now in it's first full year of crop production, the farm needs another infusion of funding from the community to become Lancaster's hub for urban agriculture, sustainable agroforestry, and community gardening education.